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Body oil

This product is a mixture of several oils that with excellent moisturising effect for the entire body. The oil absorbs well and quickly into the skin and thus gives a deep nurture and is therefore excellent for dry and dehydrated skins. The product includes milk thistle and avocado oils that are very rich in vitamin A and E, has high anti-oxidant properties which protects the skin and supports regeneration. It helps preventing the development of cellulite and varicose veins by strengthening the walls of the subcutaneous capillaries and improves the blood circulation. It has anti/inflammatory properties and therefore is very effective for sensitive and irritated skin. The product is unisex and has a soft fragrance of lemon and lavender.


Milk Thistle oil

Grape seed oil

Avocado oil

Juniper extract in olive oil

Horsetail extract in camelina oil

Liquid Vitamin E

Lavender and Citron essential oils for fragrance

100 ml Body oil - 55€

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