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Healing balm

This secret healing balm recipe has been in my family for centuries, and thus has proven its worth and power – a must have for any medicine cabinet. The balm benefits all skin types, and is known to relieve the symptoms of rashes, inflamed skin, insect bites, age spots, cuts, ulcers, mild burns, dry spots and nappy rash. Additionally, it reduces healing time and scarring. Thus, it can be useful from occasional cuts and scrapes and to more extreme cases of eczema or dermatitis. The balm contains oils that in combination with the herbs and beeswax provide anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect. The herbs used are, among others, yarrow which is one of the greatest herbs for persistent wounds, calendula and chamomile. All those herbs have for centuries been known for their effects on wound healing and various skin disorders.


Icelandic moss extract in olive oil

Yarrow extract in jojoba oil

Greater plantain extract in avocado oil

Bees wax

Vitamin E

CO2 extract of sea buckthorn pulp

CO2 extract of calendula

CO2 extract of chamomile

Lavender and tea tree essential oils

30 ml Healing balm - 35€

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