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Personalised face cream

Smooth hydrating cream consisting of 5 to 8 herbal extractions, that is 5 to 8 hand-picked wild herbs that have macerated in various biological oils, giving your skin the nutrients it needs. This is a tailor made personalised skincare service, created for each individual costumer, both men and women. Accordingly, when ordering, each customer will receive a list of 10 questions so that each face cream can be personally designed.


This is a personalised cream that is made for each customer and thus the ingredients vary from one cream to the next. A detailed ingredients list is provided with the product

30 ml (if used once daily) - 75€

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60 ml (when used twice daily) - 90€

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All prices are including taxes but excluding postal costs.

All products are tailor made for each order, so if you suffer from any allergies, let me know so I can avoid using any ingredients that may cause you problems.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, send me an e-mail with a description of what you didn´t like and I will create a new product for you free of charge.